Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Finals

I was fortunate enough to be included amongst the finalists in the Zbrush Central Action Hero Contest.  There are a lot of awesome entries, I thought I'd put an image together here of the 10's cool to see them all together like this, any one of these would be a great first place winner.  Now the voting switches over to the Zbrush Central useres to decide who places where.  I just want to thank the judges, and the great artists that made these outstanding characters, they all pushed me harder and inspired me to make Overwatch as good as he could be.


zbrusher said...

Congrats on Overwatch, JP :) It's one of the best contest entries. Best of luck, my friend.

Tracy Talbot said...

I'm telling out, it's between you and Hedge Hog. World Class!!!