Thursday, April 12, 2012

Faceless Void

I love the character designs for Valve's upcoming DOTA 2 game.  This is my take on the character called Faceless Void from the game.  It's not an exact copy, I changed a couple of things, but it's close.  Sculpted, painted,and rendered in Zbrush.


markcocjin said...

I would just like to say that I'm glad I discovered your art on the internet.

I've shared your work with others and included a link to your blog.

If you can, please make more artwork for Dota 2. The franchise is new and growing. The community is hungry for more brilliant fan art. There's also a wonderful company behind it. If you know a little bit more about Valve, you'd know that they care so much about their work.

Congrats. :)

Eletrotempera rnapoli said...

Superb work Jason!!!!

I´d like to 3D print the face of the faceless void to gift a friend of mine in his upcoming birthday.

I´d like to know if you would give me the 3D model of the head and allow me to 3D print this one copy for him.

Thank you !!